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Our Mission


Our mission is to acknowledge our TRAUMA, to HEAL, and to THRIVE as our authentic selves. Our autoimmune diseases brought us together, however our healing through creativity keeps us connected. Some people use words, songs, art or dance to express themselves. We are facilitators of creative techniques and tools to help connect you to self expression.The first step to dealing with emotions is to recognize and name them which helps us to discover their potential root cause. If you observe attentively, your body will speak to you.

We are born creatives. Creation lives in all of us. Give yourself permission to awaken your creative self and to embrace this part of you. Allow us to guide you in uncovering your healing, and thriving in your new perception.


Our Shop

Brighten up your home! Grab one of our functional doodle art wood pieces!


Our Classes

We offer a variety of unique in-person and virtual classes.



Loan, Cellular Balancing

She guided me to unlearn current thoughts and beliefs and to unlock the power within myself. Her approach is non-traditional but with an open heart and mind, she can facilitate your healing in the most supportive, safe, and loving way.



Anjie, Cellular Balancing

After having spoken to Sapna a few times, I realized there was so much more that I did not know about myself and that the many fears I had were simply due to a lack of self love and appreciation.

Thanks to Sapna, I am more relaxed today, I feel more fulfillment in each day and most importantly, I have learned the importance of trusting the process and myself to attain the balance and ensure the joy that I have always yearned for.



Nandita, Cellular Balancing

Out of the many psychology sessions, psychotherapy sessions and school counselor sessions I’ve had, I’ve never experienced anything like this. It’s been truly life-changing. 




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