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The universe brought Sapna to me during a period in my life where I seeked healing and peace during my spiritual journey. She guided me to unlearn current thoughts and beliefs and to unlock the power within myself. Her approach is non-traditional but with an open heart and mind, she can facilitate your healing in the most supportive, safe, and loving way. 

Loan, Cellular Balancing



Almost exactly two months ago I chose to embark on an artistic flow unknown to me. I was in the thick of my pain, in the thick of my suffering.I saw myself as bound up, tied up, unable to move, suffocating in my own skin. I saw myself as a victim of abuse in many forms. I felt unable to speak, to voice anything that was real. I was dizzy inside my mind, from all the anxiety, all the mental issues I was struggling with. I had so much love in me though, that it was pouring out of me. This much I knew. That was my perception then, two months ago.

Today, I take the same experience and see so much beauty, so much strength, so much resilience. I have my feet firmly rooted into the ground. I know where I stand and nothing can shake me from my truth. I have passion pouring out of me, flowing out like a never ending waterfall. I am redirecting all the love pouring out of me back into myself. I have so much love to give, so I’m giving it to myself. I am conscious of the abundance of thoughts and ideas that flood my mind. I sit with them, I feel them, I flow with them, and I hold on tightly to what resonates and work tirelessly to bring that into my reality - while maintaining the union of my soul, body, and mind. Through all of this, through all of me - I RISE. 

I was guided by two beautiful souls Sapna & Swanti  in this creative flow of self discovery and self healing.


Preeti 32, Color Therapy 

(Koh Samui)


One of the best experiences ever, totally life changing, she filled my soul with positivity and motivation and changed my perspectives about life and myself. Talking to her made me more aware of how to work on a positive mindset and I learned how powerful this could be. Life changing experience. 

Zeyad, Cellular Balancing 



I engaged with Sapna out of curiosity after my daughter had a few sessions with her.  My daughter was less anxious and began to deal with the issues of a teenager maturing into a young woman in ways that clearly showed she was more relaxed and more aware of her true self.

After having spoken to Sapna a few times, I realized there was so much more that I did not know about myself and that the many fears I had were simply due to a lack of self love and appreciation.

Thanks to Sapna, I am more relaxed today, I feel more fulfillment in each day and most importantly, I have learned the importance of trusting the process and myself to attain the balance and ensure the joy that I have always yearned for.

And the greatest part is, I know I can go back to Sapna if I feel I need to. I feel so much better. Life is good. I feel positive, empowered, and more like the me I want to be


AnjieCellular Balancing





I got my customized charcuterie board and it’s literally

My fav one. I look forward to showing it off whenever I have guests over! It’s so hard to find something personalized like the beautiful art pieces they make … so talented and I can’t wait to buy another piece soon! I even used it for my photo shoots and it added such a beautiful touch

Benish,  Custom Mindful Platter Functional Art



Speaking with Sapna isn’t the cliché: it’s a normal conversation rather than an interrogation process. it’s a way to understand yourself using basic, simple tools we ignore everyday without realizing we do. It’s allowing yourself to see yourself from a third person perspective and understand how to be aware of you.

Out of the many psychology sessions, psychotherapy sessions and school counselor sessions I’ve had, I’ve never experienced anything like this. It’s been truly life-changing. 

Nandita 18,Cellular Balancing



Thank you so much Sapna for getting me started with my love of art again. It really has the most fun and the most relaxing way to spend my time. After learning from you, I introduced it to children in my school and they have all loved it. Now doodling has become a part of our daily mindfulness lessons. We thank you for creating such amazing lessons. I do not have enough words to thank you. You are my guru inspiration. 

Sarina,Doodle Art Online



 I've got the most artistic board, and I am so happy with it. We use it for all our ,"cheese days"; my daughter and I love decorating our board with all sorts of yummy treats. Best of all was when we first used it last Christmas, as the board kept emptying, my daughter kept running back and forth with sparkles in her eyes telling me how beautiful the board looks, her imagination of what she saw kept rolling and I enjoyed hearing all of them. 

Perfect for all celebrations, brings about conversations and praises for my talented friend Swanti. Much loves to you always 

Charunee, Mindful Platter Functional Art



People with autoimmune disorders like "fibromyalgia" are in excruciating pain when the condition flares up. I, for one have been battling this disorder since i was a teenage. I have found a way to express my emotions through art. 

I have created a new page Sskkham B. Grewal (Art Of Pain) to support artist around the world with similar conditions. Please help me spread the word around. 

Finally completed this artwork that I call "Emotions". Thank you Sapna for giving me the "wings" and letting me believe in my "freedom to emote" on paper, with just a pen. Love you and thank you.

Ssukhamb, Doodle Art Online



I like the product a lot. I can use it as an art piece, as a centerpiece on the table or even as a serving tray. I love that it is so versatile. Also I like that each piece is unique and I love that mine is just one of a kind.

Ritu,  Mindful Platter Functional Art



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