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Sapna & Swanti

Swanti held a paintbrush around the same time she held her first pencil. Art is all she knows, and all she has ever known. Swanti’s artistry led her towards makeup – a world fueled by perfection. Perfection got the best of her. She became her own worst critic, got in her own way, and stagnated her own creative process. Although she never stopped churning out work, her creative spirit was compromised. There are so many flaws in perfection, if only she could see.
A few years ago, Swanti was diagnosed with Lupus, an autoimmune disease whereby her immune system became (and still is) her body’s worst enemy. This debilitated her and put her life on hold. She made herself believe that she did not have a choice in the matter. In her stillness, she was forced to confront her own life – as a person, with her lifestyle, and in her field of work that was not Lupus-friendly by any means.
Lupus put her on the path of self-discovery. In this journey, she met Sapna who introduced Swanti to doodle art and it’s therapeutic and healing nature. Something so basic, yet invaluable. Doodle art taught Swanti that there are no mistakes, that each mistake is in fact a new creation. Through doodling, she broke free from her shackles of perfectionism.
Today she embraces art beyond makeup – freeform art. She uses it to express herself, to find herself, and to liberate herself. She forever remains a student of life experiences, for this inspires her to continuously create, explore, discover, heal, and thrive. She wants to take others on a similar journey of self-discovery through creative healing, while tapping into her life coaching training (attained at the World Human Development Center in Mumbai) to guide their journey.


As a child, Sapne grew up practicing the mul mantra, the first verse of the Sikh scripture. The opening words, Ik Onkar, etched into her soul. Ik means one and only one. She always felt one with everything around her. Perhaps this is exactly what made her go to the slums as a child to help her sick maid. Unfortunately, she got reprimanded for this, and a multitude of other noble deeds. She could not understand the discrimination, be it money, color or creed.
In 1998, Sapna was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, an autoimmune disease that causes a widespread musculoskeletal pain. She actively and diligently worked on herself daily to understand her illness. It was tiring and traumatic. She felt as though she was two people trapped in one body.
Sapna took her fibromyalgia in stride, seeing it as a wake-up call to life. She used her autoimmune disease as her stepping stone to go within and bring herself out. Fibromyalgia became her tool of self-realization which was a blessing in disguise. Her healing was not a walk in the park – it was a process. She was balancing her shattered inner child by acknowledging her self-worth in parallel. In the last two years, she no longer has symptoms of it medically or physically.
Her artistic passion is to experience the journey of life as an observer because there is excitement in the unknown, and the journey of life is an adventure. This brings us to Sapna’s talent, a humble holistic healing guide since 1994. Sapna helps people work with themselves and tap into themselves. She guides people to find the answers for themselves from within. All the answers that you seek are within you, and Sapna can show you the way.

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